Managing players: flute 1 and flute 2 (with piccolo)


I love the concept of players.
(It is one reason of three why I moved to Dorico from Finale: automatically alignments of items such as dynamics, expressions, tempo marking, etc., the concept of players)

While using this feature in arranging an orchestral piece, I have confronted the followings:

  • Solo player 1 has flute 1.
  • Solo player 2 has flute 2 and piccolo.
    At first glance, this configuration is perfect. Dorico shows “to pic” and “to fl” automatically. It is amazing!
    However, I continuously see flute 1 and flute 2 on the score.
    I want to let appear only one staff for these two players on the score when there is no need to deal with these instruments separately; only one staff for flute 1 and flute 2 is required when they have rhythmic unisons or unisons.

How could I do it in Dorico?

In Finale, I made three staves: Flute 1, Flute 2 and Flute 1-2. Piccolo does not have a dedicated staff, and it shared the flute 2 staff. For playing, I can notate piccolo in layer 3 and let layer 3 is played with piccolo timbre. Then I manually moved notes properly and made a combined flute part using these three staves. This also occurs when working with Sibelius.

In Dorico, I am sure that there is an easy and intrigue way to do it.
Any ideas are highly appreciated!

Your options are exactly the same as in other software. The team will want to work on automatic condensation in the future, but there’s no original offering as of yet.

Dorico currently creates solo players for wind instruments, and each player can have multiple instruments.

If Dorico allows constructing sub-grouping and sub-sub-grouping of instruments and reflects this initialising default brackets, letting Dorico make double woodwind Ensemble will create

  • two flute players in a flute group in a woodwind group,
  • two oboe players in an oboe group in a woodwind group,
  • two clarinet players in a clarinet group in a woodwind group and
  • two bassoon players in a bassoon group in a woodwind group.

Here, users can add a piccolo to the second flute player. Then, Dorico can

  • show 1st flute staff if a note or notes appear on the 1st flute staff on any pages,
  • show the combined staff of 2nd flute and piccolo if a note or notes appear on the 2nd flute staff or piccolo staff on any pages with instrument change information.

What do you think about this idea?