Managing Two Installations

Are there any good ways to manage two installations on two different computer? Meaning: keyboard shortcuts, templates, preferences etc.

The other day I was investigating how to share files through the web without storing in the cloud. I came across BitTorrent Sync which uses BitTorrent technology to share things directly between two computers that are connected to the internet. It’s just like DropBox except that there’s no cloud storage, it just shares between the computers, but also you can share any directory so your not limited to a predetermined root folder (into which you must copy things to be shared). In other words, you could use this app to sync up your Application Folders on both machines and it might just work for you. But beware if they’re both licensed and being used at the same time because that will probably cause problems, and in any case if you’re fiddling then make sure you back up things first!

Another prog I use is AlwaySync, free for small usage, which keeps dirs in sync across my local network. There’s a few other progs like this, but I found AlwaySync to be the most reliable. It can work in the background as well apparently, but I use it manually.


I don’t think that would work very well. There are preferences stored in multiple locations out side of the Application folder.