Managing VSTs and Attributes in the MediaBay

I was browsing the MediaBay, and came across a sound within the “Hypnotic Dance” VST called “Big Dark Pad MW” I double clicked the sound to load it onto a track in Cubase.

I edited the “Release” setting for the sound, which was too long for my liking, and clicked the “Save” icon just to the right of the sound’s name. It brought up a blank Save Dialog with the preset name “Trance Chords MW”. It wasn’t the MediaBay Dialog I was expecting - it was the Hypnotic Dance VST’s own Save Dialog. I cancelled out.

I then clicked the VST3 MediaBay icon in the top toolbar of the VST window, and clicked “Save Preset”. This brought up the regular VST3 Preset Dialog, completely blank. No name, no attributes pre-filled. I cancelled out.

I can’t find another way to Save the change I’ve made to this sound using the attributes that MediaBay has already tagged the sound with.

Do I seriously have to tag the sound from scratch? Is there a way for me to bring the pre-populated MediaBay attributes along with me when I save the sound that I’ve just edited? I can see them all in MediaBay: Poly+Analog+Modern etc etc., I just can’t get them to come along with me when I load the sound into the VST.

You can load Hypnotic Dance using Cubase’s Halion Sonic SE, or the full version of Halion Sonic. Halion Sonic (SE) keeps the original tags when saving edited presets.

Halion Sonic SE 3 (included with Cubase 9.5 and above) also features an improved preset browser which allows you to easily filter presets based on the Expansion they came from. For example, you can make it show only presets from Hypnotic Dance, or only from Halion Symphonic Orchestra, etc.