Terribly sad, the world needs more love, not this senseless hate. :frowning:

What a mark that will leave on all who where there and beyond. Ariana too…

This really sucks. So many innocent people lost their future. So much pain.

And as sad are some responses for this event found all around in the net. More hate. Saddest of them all was the one made by a well known American commentator who said it was the fault of the victims, because they were “liberal trendies”.

Too much hate in this world.

That’s pretty much blaming everything of the history of humankind. Liberal trendiness has been around for decades and decades. Heck, by now it’s probably a century old phenomena. So sad…

Yes of course it really is sad, but there is much ‘selective sadness’ going around me thinks :frowning: .

There’s usually a good reason for why forums do or do not allow political discussions. I think it’s questionable whether this forum actually benefits from it.

And as horrible as the recent attack was Mauri is essentially right. If we wanted to be outraged every time there was a great injustice, and the write about it, we’d spend all our time writing about it here. From massacres in Africa to torture of homosexuals it’s unfortunately a pretty steady stream of awful on this planet, despite being 2017.

True. But this event is special, since it happened in music event.

I think that’s a bit of a stretch.


  1. Choose horrible event that just happened. Or any event: horrible, happy, or anywhere inbetween. Football game, despot’s birthday, missile firing … whatever.
  2. Write a song about it.
  3. Start a political discussion about it, saying the discussion is allowed because it is a “music related topic”.

I could see the moderators shutting that down, and by extension, this thread too.

In the past moderators have often let them stay up, as long as expressions of grief predominate. I am in favor of that approach, and would like to express my condolences also.

Once the politics of the event creep in, they’ve shut it down. Seems reasonable to me … so if you want to shut the thread down, talk politics.

Finally, I’ve never understood the person who goes to a funeral then makes a scene and stands up to say, “Look, a lot of other people died too, why aren’t we also memorializing all of them at this person’s funeral? You, Mrs. Widow, and Mr/s. Children are so thoughtless and selfish not to do that!”.


Me neither. Having said that, I’ve never experienced that at a funeral, so I have to say I’m not sure just how often that happens. Fortunately for us, this is a forum for musicians and composers etc, and not a funeral, so we don’t have to worry about it.

I never intended any politics in this music related topic :unamused:

Ariana has offered to pay for all 22 funerals. That is pretty oustanding.

Bless her.

I hadn’t heard that, that is wonderful.

She’s only 23 years old herself, it’s got to be hard on her in a personal sense as well, I’d imagine.