mandolin tab problem


Old fashioned question here, and it may have a simple answer, but I can’t find it. I am trying to set up mandolin tablature alongside the normal treble staff but I can’t get it to work.

  • I play in and quantise fairly simple melody
  • I open the selection on score selection
  • I open the score settings dialogue and under staff open ‘tablature’
  • I have set up a four string preset - G3 D3 A2 E2 - all at the right pitch
  • I click on tablature and the whole thing turns to tab, not as in the manual, two staves, one in the treble clef and one in Tab; rather it simply creates one single Tab track.

Okay, so that’s not such a big problem. I can alt/shift and drag to create a new track and when I open them both together I can make the bottom one a Tab track, one that follows any changes to the upper treble clef track.

However, the fret numbers that appear on the Tab track don’t match the actual frets needed on a mandolin fretboard. How can I make this work so that any changes I make in the upper treble clef result in the correct fret position numbers appearing in the lower Tab track/clef?

It is possible, when the upper clef is finalised and looks good in the score, simply to make a separate copy of it on a new track, one that doesn’t follow changes in the original treble clef track. Then I can change that to a Tab track and adjust the fret numbers manually - but what an enormous amount of work! So that doesn’t seem to be the solution.

Sorry about the ‘wordyness’ of this post. I would very much appreciate some help with this.


It’s G2, D3, A3, E4.

Wow! That was easy. The manual was truning my head to glue. Working perfectly now. Many thanks for your help.