manipulating my own patterns - how?

Ok. So I have an acoustic kit with different patterns. Now, I want to create my own patterns, so I copy a pattern and do some work on the midi notes in the editor, so it will sound different. The thing is, after that, because it’s my own “made” pattern and not a factory pattern, I don’t have the option to use the complexity and intensity. If this is the case it’s a big disappointment. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
So, can I use and change the complexity and intensity In my own self made patterns?

The patterns with variable complexity are exclusive to Acoustic Agent kits, and I believe they need some custom scripting to work.

So no, you wont be able to make patterns with variable complexity in the current version, sorry. This might become possible in the future if they make Groove Agent more open like they did with Halion 6.

It’s a particular shame that you can’t even use the intensity control as that would presumably be relatively easy to replicate for DIY patterns. I can see why the complexity command isn’t available, however.

The Vel Scale % available to regular patterns is the same thing as the Intensity control.