Manky meters?

*Cubase 12.0.70. Create Instrument track with Groove Agent 5.1.20 and load a pad with Mediabay sample “017 Construction Kit 05 SK.wav”. Loop it. Frequency EQ registers -2.1 dB.

Now, apply 48 dB cut at 500 Hz. Frequency EQ now registers -0.6 dB.

Is this supposed to happen? *

Yes it can happen, explained here:

Most people cut the low end to provide more clarity up top, so it makes sense that when you remove the lower frequencies what’s left may peak louder.


As for CurveEQ, seems Steinberg nobbled SPAN so it no longer has the audio level meters which Voxengo supplied on the original freebie. Pity.

Is it just Cubase users? but I can’t even download the freebie itself. All I get is the paperwork.

I don’t use the Voxengo stuff personally as it always seems like a plugin that is likely to go missing overnight, which makes me nervous of loading it into projects. So not sure what you mean about what is missing from it nowadays.

However, have you used Supervision that’s included with Cubase? It’s got some fantastic metering options.

Woah!!! SPAN did install into Cubase, just not where I’d been expecting.

I had forgotten about Supervision’s meters. Anyway, all three meters give similar dB readings in the test.

The audio meters Steinberg cut out can be seen at Free Spectrum Analyzer Plugin, FFT, Real-Time [VST, AU, AAX] - SPAN - Voxengo .