Manual, 0 - 100%

In Cubase and also in the supplied plugins, there are many controls that can be adjusted from 0 - 100%. I often don’t find any information in the context menu or in the manual about which data actually corresponds to 100%. Examples:

  1. VariAudio / formant shift: How many semitones are 100%?
  2. Included effect plug-ins / modulation / vibrato: How many cents is 100% depth?
  3. supplied effect plug-ins / Dynamics / Squasher / up-value and down-value Which value corresponds to 100% (1:2, 1:20 or 1:50)?
    Wouldn’t it be appropriate to mention this in all cases in the manual?
    Does anyone have any information on the three cases?
    Can anyone tell me where I can find such information outside the forum or the manual? I don’t want to make a support request for something like this.