Manual audio warp on multiple tracks?

Ok, what I do already:

  • drum tracks with sloppy timing
  • I put them in a folder
  • I activate group editing
  • I do hitpoint detection on various tracks (bass, snare, toms…)
  • I quantise the drums using audio warp, not slicing
    Works and sounds fine for the most part. Just where the timing was really off, the warp algorithm picks of course a wrong grid position to quantise to, and I have to manually correct that with free warping in the sample editor. Now HERE is the problem:
    I only know how to do that with one track at a time in the sample editor. And if you have 8 to 10 tracks in your drum folder, it takes a lot of time to do it manually for each single track. So the question is: Is there a way to do the free warp on just on one track, and Cubase performs the same warp simultaneously in all the other tracks of the group? Like you can do with elastic time on an edit group in Pro Tools?
    Thanks for any advice!

It’s been there in large in the manual for some time now. I’d do it that way as I generally find that doing what it says in the Cubase manual gets the job done better than reading the Pro Tools manual.
Pro Tools features don’t generally work in Cubase. Otherwise we’d all be using Pro Tools.

  1. I don’t use Pro Tools.
  2. I never read the Pro Tools manual.
  3. I saw multi track quantize with manual audio warp in Pro Tools only once in a video tutorial.
  4. I use Cubase.
  5. I have read the Cubase manual.
  6. While I have found out how to warp an audio track freely, I have not found anything about applying free audio warp over SEVERAL TRACKS SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  7. If it has been in the manual for some time now, please refer me to the page where, because I couldn’t find it.

You can’t (for some reason) use free warp on more that one channel at a time (unless it’s a stereo or surround bus)

You can use the tempo grid (timewarp tool) to do multi track time stretch though. using the set definition from tempo command.

Although it’s noted in the manual that any multi track time stretch cannot guarantee sample accurate phase alignment across multiple channels!

All this comes down to the one large issue:

Audio Warping is still not possible from the project window.

Allowing this one feature alone would help improve Cubase on many fronts. It would mean that the group edits you are looking to perform could even be done without the use of hitpoint detection and quantising - allowing you to place more ‘feel’ in the drummers playing!

I would agree with you.

Although using the grid via Timewarp tool to follow the drums then setting definition from tempo, then straitening the tempo back is remarkably easy and effective alternative.

They work when MTC synced!

Anyway to the original poster:

Have you tried group slip editing?

Thanks for all the helpful comments!

THAT is what I would love to have!!!

Thanks, I’ll try that!

Apart from that, I also just tried it with slice and crossfade instead of warping, and that also works: Generate a group, identify the hitpoints, then slice and quantize. If something got put on the wrong grid position, undo quantize, move the respective slice - which will be done simultaneously for that slice on all tracks in the edit group - closer to the grid position where it is supposed to go to, and quantize freshly.

Only thing is, I am not sure yet which cross fade lengths to pick for drums… not sure what my ears tell me here. Is there something like a rule of thumb for crossfades on drums? Or also for other instruments?

Don’t move the slices, just select and “Slide” the contents, ie Ctrl/Alt.

As far as crossfade lengths go, use the smallest crossfade you can get away with and set the pre gap to just beyond the crossfade length so you don’t hit the leading edge transients

Just for clarity, below is what the OP is asking to do, not an unreasonable request. To manually “warp” audio across grouped clips (folder of not) on the timeline at the same time, retaining relative phase.

Grouped editing is (should be) grouped editing. No really logical reason to exclude warp markers from that.

Been asking/wishing/praying for this for years

I need this too. If you can just have a tool where we can time warp from edit project/event viewer window and not the sample editor. And of course, must be able to use group edits on the folders… This would be so cool! please Steinberg!

I have to throw in a +1 here too. It is much needed…

Exactly that! - What software is that in the image?

so this function is in cubase 8 ??

no one know ?? admin ??

there is no trial for cubase 8 i need to know if is it possible ? like on the GIF . it’s exactely this i need to do .
thank’s .

I would also love this feature. any word on if it’s in 8? I would upgrade to 8 for this tbqh.

I just purchased Cubase 8 because I hoped this function would be implemented (I used to work with Cubase 5.1) but I’m affraid it still isn’t… What a shame !

Come on Steinberg, thousands of people are craving for this feature, now make it possible please !

8.5 and it’s still not there? :blush:

Here’s a great work-around for this missing feature…

…basically all you do is compile your tracks into a single multi-channel/surround audio track, make your warp edits to that single track, then save and re-import the edited surround file as individual tracks. Seems like this could easily be implemented within Cubase.