Manual audio warp on multiple tracks?

Is this implemented in C9 finally?


No, it is even not implemented in V 9.5.
I think they are more interested in some gimmicks or luxury metronom clicks, or whatever…

This excercise, to correct multiple tracks with a time warp correction is a bread’n butter action in recordings!

Very often you have multiple mic tracks for one instrument or you have dry and wet signals recorded.
You MUST have this tool because the automatic quantize process is often not usable in longer tracks.
Other DAWs have this functionality since years…Does Steinberg really wants to force some users to switch to them just for this functionality?
Should not be difficult to implement this feature…

I will add to the list… with a modern dual latency high performance audio engine.


Please Steinberg make this happen! +1

This feature is quite handy on others DAWS.

I remember the first time Pro Tools came out with this feature ( Elastic audio) i was amazed on fast and good was editing multiple mic tracks at once.
Today i don´t use this feature anymore due to the sonics characteristics , despite the algorithm being great i find always better the old fashion method of grouping the tracks cutting and using the Ctrl + ALT tool in Cubase to more audio inside the events.
That being said i really think Steinberg should make it possible to warp multiple audio tracks at once.
If we create a folder tracks and put audio tracks inside when you group edit they are visible on the lower zone but not warpable for all, only for the top most track. Im i right?

Anyone know if this is in the works for the next update? I am on the brink of switching to Reaper over this…

Believe it or not, Cubase users have been asking for this feature for almost 10 years now and have pretty much been ignored and given no feedback about if/when it may be added to Cubase in the same way it has been available in other DAWS for ages. It has been the one most valuable tool I have waited to appear in each version. I have also started to use other DAWS as I don’t want to continue to support a company that operates this way.

Yeah, I have been using Cubase for midi work since 2008 and for recording audio since 2015. I am really hoping this feature will be added in version 12. It’s getting silly now that DAWs 1/3 of the price can do this.

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