Manual Booklet (?)

Hi folks,

Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase a good old fashoined hard copy of the ARTIST 7 manual booklet please ?? i find it quite difficult on my eyes constantly reading from my PC screen :open_mouth:

Or is the only option to print off the 1,000000 x PDF pages ??

Thanks in advance !!


Paul Seaman

Thanks Stevie,

i am going to buy it mate. It looks really good and has great Amazon reviews :-

By Sharon Russell on February 27, 2003Format: Paperback
This book is an absolute must for anyone using Cubase. Don’t waste time, paper and ink cartridges printing out the 1,000 plus pages from the CD. Just buy Cubase Power and let the learning begin. Suddenly, it all begins to make sense. I was surprised to find that I actually ENJOY reading this book! It’s clearly illustrated, clearly written and well organized. If there’s a better book, I haven’t heard about it. In fact, I’m taking a class on Cubase and presented this book to my instructor to consider using it as the class textbook. Need I say more? It’s a winner.

Do you think this one will be OK as i think it was published back in 2001 ??

i am on ARTIST 7 so maybe i need the CUBASE 7 (if there is one), or if not, CUBASE 6 ??

Cheers Steve,

i think i will have to purchase the Cubase 6 book in that case, because it is the closest and most up to dates. i have bought Artist 7 last week and (as advised by members of this site) will be keeping my original copy of Artist 6 on my PC.



Much appreciated Steve. i will check it out…

Is this the same book on ebay UK please ??



Cheers Steve,

i will Buy It Now on ebay UK.

Yes, it does seem a little cheaper than on Amazon.


And does anyone know if you can actually purchase the manual (which comes as a PDF download with Cubase’s) as a BOOK form ?? Or do Steinberg not make these in book format anymore ?? Obviously its cheaper for them and saves on paper, but i just wondered if the option was available ??

Seeing as how C7 isn’t even finished yet, and in view of the various changes which have been made since first introduced, I wouldn’t waste money on a printed manual yet - probably why they never printed one in the first place. Perhaps ther’ll be one with 7.x (where x is probably =>5). As it is the PDF is already in need of revision, so think twice before you put out cash to have it printed in hardcopy form!

Thanks BH,

i will hold fire then until further notice as you recommend.

And i have purchased the POWER book which Steve kindly suggested.


I had printed Manuals up to C5

i guess you have a laser printer, or you did them at work !! :wink:

Yes, 5 was the last of the printed manuals. I have a printed manual for Studio 5. It was always a good grab on the way to the crapper. It’s just not the same trying to pop a squat while reading a PDF on the laptop.

Cheers, thats fine and at least i can move on now.

i guess its better for the environment that less trees are cut down !! :mrgreen:

i have SIBELIUS 7 and just bought this hard copy manual which looks excellent (though is quite expensive) :-

For some reason i just can’t deal with reading a book from a screen :open_mouth: . i much prefer to have a manual at my side open on the page i am working on alongside the project page of Sibelius/Cubase on my PC.

i just can not imagine reading a 500+ x pages PDF booklet from cover to cover via a PC !!

Neither can I, but I woulnd’t read a paper manual like that either. In only consult the manual if I am looking for a certain function or need explanation on the application of a function. In that case a searcheable PDF is very convenient, especially if you have enough screen area to have both the manual and Cubase open at the same time.

But if you enjoy reading manuals back to back then yes, I can imagine a printed manual is more convenient. To be honest I did read the entire (printed) manual for my Blofeld, but that’s because that’s a very broad manual (with humour too) that covers not only the functionality in that synth, but also the general workings behind all of it which is applicable to any other synth as well. More like an education on sound design in general which can’t hurt :slight_smile:

Thanks Strophoid and i am pleased you have found a method which works for you.

After i left college 15 x years ago i said to myself i am never reading another book ever again in my life !! i read so many during my studies it was unreal. Anyway, earlier this year i have started to fell the urge to pick up books again. i have a Maths book, DX7 book and am also going to start on the Sibelius book next year. :wink: