Manual choosing a VST with Midi Import


Maybe this has been made clear somewhere else, but I did not find this. I have the following issue:

  1. Import a midi file
  2. Go to playback
  3. Manually adding a VST from the list e.g. Halion SE
  4. Loading instruments, e.G. channel 1-3
  5. Make the Routing in partie1 (choosing Halion SE and Setting corresponding channels 1-3)
  6. Pressing playback

What wonders me now: I get neither Audio nor do I see any midi activity in Halion, even I am sure I have choosen the right channels.

What does the trick is one time to “Load Sounds for unassigned instruments”. After that I can Change everything in the VST. Is this a bug ? I do not get why I can not do this Routing manually without this procedure with "Load Sounds…

Thank you

If you simply open your MIDI file and then start playback without first changing the routing of the various channels etc., do you get playback then? What about when you start a project from a template or an empty project and then add players/instruments to it? Do you get playback in either of those cases without having to use Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments?

When I open the Midi File, I do not hear anything. There are no VSTs loaded per default, so it makes sense there is no sound.

I have to add a VST manually at first. To hear anything, I have then to Load Sounds for unassigned instruments.

This does not happen, when I start a new Project. Then an instance from Halion SE is initiated.

After MIDI file import you can also go to Play mode and then choose from the menu Play > Apply Default Playback Template. This will add HALion Sonic instance(s) and also load some sounds into the slot.
Be aware though, sometimes some unexpected sounds will get loaded. This area is still a bit under construction. But if the sound is not right, you can change it any time in the HALion editor window.

Hi Ulf,

thanks for your reply. Yes, this playback template I have discovered already. You say this part is still under construction, so it is ok for me for now as it works.
Nevertheless I hope, some day I can load the midi, then choose a VST and simply set the midi-channels to get it to work. It has also to to with the souns I use, as most of my midis are creations from earlier days and use GM or other more modern Sound Settings. So I have to use the existing template as dummy and then throw it away instead of starting at once with an empty VSt/Soundsetting better fitting to my demands.

So - please - soon more templates or at least the possibility to create custom ones.

Thank you all for your work and caring for your customers here.