Manual condensation

Hi, I tried to condense two oboes and two horns, but as you can see in these bars (first staff, bar end 13 and bar 14) the oboe in a homorhythm situation and on the same notes, using the automatism, does not add the indication " to 2 "using the same note.
How do you manually act to change this procedure?


Salve, ho provato a condensare due oboi e due corni, ma come vedete in queste battute (primo rigo, battuta fine 13 e battuta14 ) l’oboe in situazione di omoritmia e sulle stesse note, utilizzando l’automatismo, non aggiunge la indicazione “a 2” utilizzando la stessa nota.
Come si fa ad agire manualmente per modificare questa procedura?


I’m puzzled by the title - are you using Manual Condensing or are you tweaking the Notation Options in order that Dorico does it for you?

Assuming it’s the latter, I suspect the problem is on the next system (or the one after that, or the one after that) - at some point before the next set of rests there’s a situation that Dorico can’t handle per the current Notation Options, which is why the end of bar 13 changes to separate stems.

The quick and dirty solution is to put a Condensing Change wherever the texture changes (beyond the right end of your screenshot). The only thing you need to do in there is tick the relevant players in the left side. That alone will initiate a new phrase, allowing Dorico to take a different approach from that point onwards.

All done, thank you very much … :slight_smile:

I’m confused… the beginning has a2, and later there are double stems which makes it clear that there are at least two players. What am I missing?

It’s just an example, I only extrapolated the 2 oboes from a score, but there are also other instruments.