Manual condensing change

when I add a manual condensing change, that one player is set to Up-Stem Voice and one player is set to Down-Stem Voice, there is no need for player labels. I would be glad, if there would be an option for manual condensing changes to show or hide the player labels in this case or to be able to select all player labels using “select more” to hide them in one go.

I agree. I find this quite unusually illogical and have already spent some time hiding those useless labels.

In general you should find that if there are only two players on a staff and they are consistently in separate voices, Dorico won’t show those labels in any case, regardless of whether the condensing is automatic or produced by way of a condensing change. Can you attach a simple example that shows what you mean?

Here is a part of a piece. I don’t want to see numbers in Pos. 1+3. (407 KB)

The reason the numbers are shown is that at present the entries have to be at the same rhythmic position in order for them to be hidden; we’re considering adding an option to allow them to be hidden in a greater number of situations when two players are assigned to a single staff.

Thanks Daniel, I am confident this will solve most of the occurencies for me (I never have more than two instruments condensed on a staff).