Manual Condensing Issues

I have manually condensed the two clarinets in an orchestra piece I’m writing, but sometimes the two parts are not condensed, even when playing in unison. Is there a way to override this?

I had similar issues. I needed to check that my dynamics were identical in both parts, which fixed it.

Hi Luca. Daniel is right, and there’s a great tool that you can use with condensing, which is really worth investigating : condensing changes. As the condensing works by chunks of musical phrases and those musical phrases are notes surrounded by rests, you often need to tell Dorico when an actual phrase starts or ends, and a condensing change (even without changing any setting) is the solution.

You do, however, need to tick the checkbox for the group(s) in question. Also keep in mind that if you create a new condensing change at the same rhythmic location, it will override the one that’s already there, losing any settings you input before.

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