manual does not seem to make sense.

Hi, I’m on page 182 of the manual, “saving channel and rack configurations” it says (On the toolbar, activate one of the “Channel & Rack Configuration” buttons).
Can’t find em, does anyone know where they are?

also…save current configuration…where the heck is that? it shows it in the manual but It is not anywhere on my mix console…

cheers, Kevin

Maybe you have it hidden. Right click in an empty area of the toolbar and select “Channel Visibility Controls” and make sure Channel Configurations and Racks are tuned on.

thanks for your reply but I’ve been there and I’ve got "everything "turned on, I reckon it’s a badly written manual,
or badly written something anyway…if you go to where I was can you see what I can not see?
cheers, Kevin

Well, I am using Cubase 8 but, yes, I can see the buttons.
Channel Config.png

forgive me jaslan…but this is not the “channel and rack configuration button” is it? :confused:

and I’m talking about C7.5, that’s why I’m in the C7 part of the forum…

If I click on the “Configurations” button, it allows me to name and save, and recall different Channel and Rack configurations… I am downloading the C7 manual now to read what you were referencing.
Forgive me but you aren’t looking for a button that says, “Channel and Rack Configurations” on it are you?

EDIT: OK. I see it in the manual, I think. You are talking about the 1234* buttons where you can save different configurations…

Just a guess here really… I never bought C7 or C7.5 so I am not up to date on the “evolution” but maybe they originally had those “quick select” buttons for configurations and then changed it to the “drop down” select configurations but didn’t update the manual. But, to answer your question, I DO NOT see the “1234*” buttons that you are referring to as pictured in the manual (again, I am using CP8, not C7.

Hi jaslan, isn’t that just crazy, I’ve got a manual that doesn’t quite tell you everything you need to know about the software it came with…

I reckon I’ve been suckered good and proper, :frowning: