Manual for 7.5?

I’m in cubase 7.5 (mac) and under the help menu selected documentation, but its pulling up the version 7 manual, which does not explain track versions.

Is there a 7.5 manual? If so, how do I access it inside cubase?


Aloha J,

From the ‘Help’ menu:
2-New features in Cubase 7.5
3-Page Nine-Track Versions

TrackVersions allow you to create and manage multiple versions of events and parts on the same track.
TrackVersions are available for audio, MIDI, and instrument tracks. You can also have TrackVersions of the chord track, the signature track, and the tempo track.
TrackVersions are useful for the following tasks:
• Starting new recordings from scratch.
• Comparing different takes and comps.
• Managing takes that were recorded in a multi-track recording.


Thank you! I didn’t realize they didn’t update the full manual for .5 updates, but instead provide an addendum. I guess that works, though I must admit I prefer looking for all my information in one pdf. Makes searching topics easier.