Manual for non English languages

as was stated elswhere, it’s really hard for the manual writer to keep up with the speed of the development team. What bothers me is the speed of translation into other languages. the PDF for version 1 is 856 pages and all other languages are still around 160 pages. That’s very far behind …

Maybe English is just a naturally verbose language. :wink:

Yes, I’m sorry to say that we have not yet been able to publish updates in other languages. A good deal of material has been translated, but there is more to be done. The same small group of translators are doing all of the interface and documentation translation for all of our products, and unfortunately the Dorico documentation has been lower in priority than e.g. getting the user interface of Dorico translated, and getting things like Cubase 10 ready for launch. However, we are in the process of working out how much it will cost to hire additional translators to help catch up, and provided the company approves the expenditure we should be able to make some more progress soon.