manual for Nuendo 6.5?

Hi, is there some way that I can have the manual on a USB stick or on my Ipad separate from the actual program? Theres plenty new stuff and I do not sit infront of my DAW 24/7 …So how do you solve this?
Regards/ Micke S., Sweden.

Its a standard pdf manual so you can copy it to wherever you need to.

Hi Thanks for answer, I thought you could find it at Steinbergs site. But you mean I`ll copy it direct from Nuendo? My Daw is in the studio wich i am not…so I have to check it out later…


Micke S.

There is no N6.5 user manual - just an out-of-date N6 manual and some separate update notes. I am constantly amazed that Steinberg seems unable to keep its pdf manuals up-to-date.

ok… not so good, I am used to have a book to read or at least pdf…

Actually, there is a manual, but it is the Nuendo 6 manual and then you have a separate Nuendo 6.5 manual addendum. (New features in 6.5)
So you’ll have your Pdfs to carry around.

That’s what I said, but given that N6.5 was a paid for full update Steinberg should have provided a full, updated user manual instead of providing just the old manual and some update notes. That doesn’t sit well for a new user starting with version 6.5.

Sorry Chris if I restated what you said but I was under the impression that thet the OP didn’t understood that there is a manual to download, however, as you said, not up to date.

Actually I think it is good to have the separate “What’s new in Nuendo X.x” pdf, but it should of course be inserted in the Full manual as well.
Maybe the intern that do the full compiled manuals gets hired only for full versions. Or Steinberg didn’t renew their Ms Office and PDF creator subscriptions… :wink: