Manual in English, software in French

I just bought Cubase7. I thought it would be easier for me to load it in French. Major error. I’m trying to translate all those English terms in the Manual in French. A waste of time. Is there a list of translated terms somewhere ? If so, I’d really like to download it. :angry:

Maybe I’m a bit out of standard… I have music sheets that I want to write into Cubase7 to play them after I’m done, so I started reading the manual towards page 700. I thought it made sense since I’m not into recording right now. I’m sensing I should have read the beginning of the book before. Feel free to throw some light on me please ! :question:

Another thing… I hide the ruler and I can’t get it back !?! :unamused:

Write me at I go there every day.

Why are you reading the english manual? Get the french one.

I’m reading the English one cause that’s the one included with the software !
You’d think they would be smart enough to include one in French when they sell their product
in the province of Québec ?

‘HeHo, We’re French speaking over here !’

By the way, thanks for the link !



In fact, it’s mostly spelled as “Tabarnac”



You people have a good sense of humor !
I like that !

Pour je ne sais quelle mauvaise manipulation je n’arrive plus à rien enregistrer, je joue à 100% avec les VST et là c’est frustrant. J’ai essayé la réinstallation du prog + la Màj 7.0.6 mais le problème perciste, je peux lancer l’enregistrement tout fonctionne sauf que je ne peux rien jouer comme si j’avais un “MUTE” d’activé.
PFFFFFF Pourtant je commence vraiment à affectionner ce logiciel.
J’espère qu’une âme française pourra voler à mon secours j’aime bien l’anglais mais pas le temps de trop en faire c’est usant psychologiquement. :nerd:

Hire a translator and send the bill to SB? :bulb: