Manual is released

Update February 15th, 2018:
Since this post seems to be really busy: here is the link to all the manuals:


Since I started this threat, I edit it right now.
The old link is broken, and there is a new manual with even 30 pages more! Thanks to albert0984 for the alert and MarcLarcher for the addition for spanish users.

albert0984 posted this:
MarcLarcher that:
My addition for german users:

Obviously, you can find different languages when you just change the localisation letters.

Edit again:
Oops, there was a typo for the spanish manual. Sorry!


here is the link to the newly published manual:


So many thanks to the Dorico team - between all this holidays!!!

When this welcome document is revised, could there be a date or revision number close to the front page, so that one can immediately see that it is different?



This appears to be the same as has been available for a while?

:smiley: :smiley: Happiness :smiley: :smiley:

there are 4 page more :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Ah. Thanks!

Following Daniel’s promise of a manual after Christmas I was watching this forum, but for some reason didn’t see this thread. Yesterday a search on “Manual” found it, among about 340 others which included the word “manual”.

I think that this deserve greater prominence, perhaps in the “announcements” at the top of the forum, or the FAQ page.

I have searched for this on the Dorico website, but failed to find my way to it.

I’m pleased to have it, and hope that others can find their way to it easily. I would expect a link to the manual from within Dorico via the Help tab.

Well, David, actually this manual has just 5 more pages than the previous one, so it was nothing like a revolution :wink:
[edit] Ok, it really has changed ! And it does exist in different localisations :slight_smile:

I think the post Christmas manual updates are yet to be released.

I also think it would be a very good idea to post a link to the manual up above and that the manual should have revision dates or version numbers.

Hmmm. The manual appears to have expanded by around 20 pages or so…

And the copyright date has changed too. Lots of new info. Offhand I’d say it’s a whole new manual (though of course incorporating the old within it).


Can you share the new manual PDF link, please? I cannot find it on the web.


[Edit: Ok, the above link was broken… the PDF file has a different name now hahaha]

And you have it in spanish, Alberto !

Hahaha yes! Also found it. :wink:

Sorry to be a pain, but could we have an updated date of revision on the first page, or somewhere, or even in the name of the file, so that we can see that it has been changed? “dorico_en.pdf” is not helpful enough.

Many thanks!


Yes, it would be so great, david-p!

I also think there should be better ways to announce newly revised versions of the manual in this forum than my thread!

And the search is definitely a p in the a, but this is in responsibility of the Steinberg online team, not the Dorico team:

Hahahaha Well, you can find all kinds of Steinberg Manuals here:

Sure thing…

Why does this latest manual–the third version–not even mention tokens, much less not list those available?
No description of what they are, no link to a list, no nothing.

“Badly done, Emma. Badly done.” --Jane Austen

I’ll see your tokens and raise you a complete absence of the Play mode*.

As with much of Dorico, it’s obviously a work in progress. All good things come to those who wait. :wink:

(* Talking of which, the more I look at it, the more I think Print and Play are in the wrong order as tabs. Setup, Write, Engrave and Print are closely linked in terms of notation and appearance. Play is a different beast altogether, it’s got more in common with the mixer than it has with the other four tabs.)