Manual lyric extender lines

In this example, the publisher I work for is requesting an extender line as indicated in red.

I posted this on Music Engraving Tips, and the overwhelming consensus was that such extenders were absolutely necessary. I do know several of the people who commented are choral music veterans or established composers, FWIW.

It’s extremely difficult in Dorico at present. I’ve tried changing it to two tied quarters, redoing the lyric, and fiddling with the extender, but the extender line jumps around randomly when I try to edit an extender line that Dorico knows is no longer “correct” (since the note has been returned to a half note).

I’ve also tried using the bottom staff and setting to “above,” but this is a nightmare for casting off, and forces me to change the staff spacing.

I’m requesting (pretty please) an option to select the syllable and turn on a “lyric extender” property from the bottom panel.

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Faking a line with a hairpin works pretty well for this, especially if your hairpin and lyric extension line thicknesses are set to be the same:

A straight line gliss would work too. If you aren’t using it elsewhere in the piece, just set the straight line thickness to whatever your lyric extensions are set to.

Thanks Todd, I hadn’t thought about using a hairpin. As a bonus, I suppose it will attach to a set rhythmic position, so it’ll be “dynamic” in length (heheh). I’ll give it a try.

I agree this would be useful. Perhaps, if activated, (manual) lyric extender lines could attach to rhythmic positions too. That way you’d have the advantage of being able to adjust them dynamically if the score spacing shifts, in addition to finely in engrave mode; this would also allow for the usual key commands for extending/shortening based on the rhythm grid.

I think the solution is fairly easy and does not require so many workarounds.
Select the d on the top staff.
Press o.
Press 6.
Press r.
Select the first d, press t. You should have two tied quarters.
Double-click the last syllable, to show the Lyrics popover, press space to show the extender.
Select the tie chain, press 6 (to change it) and then 7 (to get the correct value).
The extender then is a little bit too long but can be changed in Engrave mode.
It is really faster to do than to describe.

Thanks Marc, I have tried this, but it’s simply not reliable. Sometimes it works as expected, sometimes it doesn’t. The extender line will randomly change length without rhyme or reason. And then when I attempt to edit the length of it in engrave mode, it sometimes jumps around unpredictably.

I wonder whether Dorico could be made to recognise that the lyric text is serving two staves and put the extender lines in automatically?

This could become more of an issue when reduction happens - i.e. SA / TB.

How about writing „shadow“ into the lower staff and then copy it to the upper staff. Have not tried it so far. Not on my computer. Maybe worth a trial.

I’m dealing with this right now. I so hope that Dorico will have a more thorough extender line strategy.

Ideally, Dorico needs to offer the extension line handle on every End and Whole Word syllable, or some kind of “Has Extension” property.

I’m so glad I found this. In my present project I need to create manual extender lines in many places, e.g. when notes are tied between flows (itself, of course, a workaround). I’ve now successfully used the glissando line method in my vocal (custom) score, but the manual moving of the lines isn’t reflected in the full score. Is there a way to accomplish this, other than my having to redo the adjustments in the full score? I played around with propagating and with the ‘set local properties globally’, but neither had any effect.

I posted a workaround just the other day:

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Oh, wow - thanks. And it’s copyable too! What a timesaver.