Manual MIDI CC Mapping

Hi - i’m new to the forum, i hope i’m using it correctly.

When using an external midi controller i used to set the device sending midi to the correct cc for the vsti or whatever that i was controlling. When QuickControls came alone i would use those, or use MidiLearn. However, one thing which has always got to me is that i can see no way to TELL Cubase which cc number i want to use for a specific control on a device, i can of course tell it to “learn” by what i’ve done, but with complex xy or xyz style controllers, it’s hard to actually only trigger that one x y or z direction value to learn from. Is there a way (like in many DAWs) to actually override midi learn and type the cc that you want to use for a specific control on a vsti, effect etc etc?

ok, i figured it out! but it’s not obvious and not exactly what i wanted. In the Device Setup click the + button to add a new controller, set it to Generic Remote type and the you can set up whatever ccs you want and map them to things on tracks. Great, but some vstis have 100s of controls and they are often badly named hence need to just right click and edit the cc number

Saying that, yes this does work, but when i midi learn from a controller, it’s not clear if it’s possible to view/edit this map anywhere. Anyone shed any light on this?

Unfortunately I can’t help … but to add to the list of questions… is it possible for Cubase to request of dump of data from a device and learn the set up of that device… eg: a Lexicon PCM70. A generic dump request and some intelligent filtering and organising (something that computers do right!) should have an imported map of the instrument in question… ? One would think.

Not something I’m aware that Cubase can do but like many DAWs it does allow “special” devices. Reason for example has a list of devices which auto map and so does Cubase.

Back to my issue though. If I midi learn a vsti or fx control and therefore record as cc, this of course doesn’t affect the automation parameter. So as we know, there are two ways to control the same param. As the cc map could change at any time, is there a way to record the cc and render/concert to “real” automation?