Manual missing screenshots

This is one example - there are several others of the same kind dotted around the manual.

Halion 7 manual, p. 147

“This pop-up menu”.

Which pop-up menu? There’s no UI label of “Select Wavetable” anywhere to be seen either in the UI or in the manual screenshot.
The way I actually found this UI component was by accidentally hovering the mouse over it:

There are several other examples of a similar nature in the manual. For instance:

Where’s “Load/Replace Sample”?

Here it is:

In general I would expect a UI component that doesn’t have a static label in the UI to be screenshotted have and attention drawn to it in some manner in the manual (a red box outlining the component under discussion, for example).

The manual is, after all, intended to explain the UI to someone unfamiliar with the product.

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A very common problem, and not just exclusive to Steinberg. But I agree with you wholly.