Manual Punch In - Event Start and Replace/Overwrite


I want to manually punch in and out a midi part. I know about auto-punch, but I don’t want to use that here, don’t want to take the time, just want to manually punch in using Pad-*.

As soon as I hit record an event is created at the start of the measure, and sometimes from the start of the song (can’t figure out when/why) - but not at the point where I punched in. This is a problem because I’ve got record mode set to ‘Replace’ and ‘Overwrite’, and it obliterates the notes previous to the point where I actually punched in. Btw, I’ve got and auto-q set to ‘Off’.

I must be misunderstanding something, I just want it to overwrite the notes beneath it from the point I turn on/off Record, not from some time before that. Can anyone help?



I am not at home to try this but I think if you are in cycle mode and start to record it creates a MIDI part between the locators. Try turning off cycle mode and see if it still creates the part earlier than when you started recording. Also, try turning off the snap. Maybe it creates the part at the beginning of the bar because of the snap setting (just a guess). Lastly, If you choose “mix” recording mode, at least it won’t erase your old notes. Then, when your satisfied with your new notes, delete the old ones, select both parts (one on top of the other) and select bounce (or just adjust the beginning and end of the two separate parts and leave them as separate parts.)