Manual Staff Visability dialog opening problem

I have been using Dorico 4 happily for some time now but suddenly, the manual staff visability dialog will not show on top of the score. I can see that it has been called by observing the small thumbnails on the taskbar, although the visability dialog window is blank. The behaviour is the same as if the dialog was open on the score - ie. I cannot press any mouse button without getting a warning ‘dong’. The only way out is to press the little x in the top right of the taskbar thumbnail.

I don’t have any answer for you but welcome to the forum, both of you!!

Welcome to the forum, Keir. Out of interest, do you find that the separate Mixer window and the pop-up Transport window look OK, or do they also open as blank windows?

Or is the issue that the Manual Staff Visibility dialog is actually opening off screen?

Thank you Daniel for your prompt response.
The separate Mixer window and the pop-up Transport window both open as blank windows. However, the Condensing Change dialog opens as normal.

Thanks, Keir. I guess you are experiencing the same problem as the user in this thread:

As yet we’ve been unable to get to the bottom of the problem. The first thing to try is to update your graphics card drivers. We think the issue is connected to OpenGL/Angle and a potential incompatibility with the drivers on that system. I actually have some more troubleshooting steps from a colleague in our development team to share, so please check that thread for more things to try.

Thanks Daniel. I’ll carry on working through the list - no change as yet. Possibly of interest is that F4 video popup now causes whole program to Quit.

It might be useful to see the crash logs produced when Dorico crashes in that circumstances. Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send me the resulting zip file? If it’s bigger than 4MB (which it may well be) you can send it to me via WeTransfer to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Hi Daniel, I’m having the same problem. I’ve been following the other thread about this that’s still active, but is there any provisional workaround until it’s fixed? I’ve tried to do most of the things you suggested but it still won’t work.

It would be helpful if you would also try following the steps in this post and providing the output of the qtdiag utility for us:

Unfortunately we’re not yet aware of any workarounds for this issue.

Ok! Will try to do it later today or tomorrow.

Hi, I’ll reply here just to avoid clogging the other user’s feedback.

First, I tried removing libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll, and I got this message when opening Dorico:

Second here’s the qtdiag.exe output:

One thing that I think the other users didn’t mention: The “manual staff visibility” dialog used to work about 4-6 weeks ago. It seems to have stopped working when I updated Dorico to the latest version. I could also be that some of my drivers were updated, but I tried to downgrade them as you suggested and nothing happened (except that my second screen stopped working until I updated again).

Thanks very much: I will pass this info on to my colleague James and will come back to you in due course.

Can you let me know whether the following windows appear OK on your system:

  • Window > Hub
  • Window > Mixer
  • Library > Library Manager
  • Write > Create Comment
  • Edit > Notations > Stem > Custom Centered Beam
  • Edit > Notations > Chord Symbols and Diagrams > Generate Chord Symbols From Selection
  • Write > Transform > Pitches > Invert Pitches
  • Write > Respell > Respell Notes Automatically
  • In Print mode, under Job Type select Flows, then click Choose
  • Dialog that appears when you open a second project asking you whether to activate the new project for playback

I guess that you would already have let us know if you find that various panels and toolboxes within the main Dorico project window don’t appear, but if you find that e.g. the Keyboard and Fretboard panels in the lower zone, or the Mixer in the lower zone (rather than when shown as a separate window) etc., don’t appear, let us know.

All these windows seem to be working fine, except the dialog that appears when you open a second project asking you whether to activate the new project for playback.
I think I’ve never seen that one before (back when the staff visibility dialog worked), and it doesn’t appear when I open a second project. Could this be because I only use Noteperformer? I’ve never insalled the HaLion libraries.

The keyboard, fretboard and mixer seem to be working fine as well.

The project activation dialog doesn’t appear at all? Set Activate subsequent project on load to Ask on the Play page of Preferences, then try opening a second project. Does a dialog pop up during the loading of the second project?

Ah, it was set to “always”. Now, when set to “ask”, the dialog pops up and looks fine.

So, to confirm, it really does appear to be only the Manual Staff Visibility dialog that doesn’t appear for you? What about the Write > Instrument Filters > Edit Instrument Filter Presets dialog, which is the one that @DanielP63 was originally talking about in the other thread?

Did you meanWrite > Instrument Visibility > Edit Instrument Filter Presets?

This dialog works for me.

Thanks for confirming!

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Hi Daniel, @dspreadbury

One little update: The staff visibility dialog comes and goes. Yesterday I could open it (hadn’t tried in a while), this morning I couldn’t, and now I can again.