Manual staff visibility hides notes in an unhidden staff

In the attached document, hiding the Vc., Cb. & Org. staff makes the staff below it (Org.) hide its notes unexpectedly. If you update an element in that staff (e.g. move a note up or down), the previously hidden notes turn visible again, but with no alignment correction applied to them, needing to update each note again to tell Dorico to update the spacing.

requiem.dorico (680.7 KB)

I can see this happen too: when I open the project, the organ has a 3-bar multirest in bar 5-7. But if I open the staff visibility settings in the system break at bar 5 and switch the vc/cb staff to show, and then back to hide, then the organ staff shows the notes of the cello/bass staff. But when I save and re-open the project, the 3-bar rest is back.

The organ/basso part starts a divisi in bar 8 where the organ part differs from the vc/cb. Divisi condensing is on.
In the system break, you set the upper (vc/cb) staff to hide, but that happens to be the staff that has the tasto solo notes. The organ staff is empty there, and therefore the 3 bar rest is actually correct. The actual glitch is that the 3 bars do appear after touching the divisi or visibility settings and changing them back. That’s unexpected and a small bug, I think.

If you want to show only the organ part on letter A, simply write the organ in the bass staff. Maybe condensing a 2-staff divisi is not the best approach here. You could use the trick to have a 1-staff divisi (i.e. a divisi with 1 staff only, not really dividing at all, just like you already do in bar 17), just to enable divisi labels.
If you also need a cello/bass part, just use the ‘legacy’ cello part that is still in your project. You might put cues from the cello part into in organ part where applicable.

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Thank you @PjotrB! Appreciated your excellent analysis of the situation. And thanks for your suggestions on improving the divisi setup! I will try other ways to solve it.

Sorry for the delay in looking into this: I had to ask my colleague Andrew to take a look because I couldn’t at first glance figure out what’s going wrong.

It turns out that the issue is caused by the fact that the start of the system where the music is unstably appearing and disappearing is a divisi unison range, i.e. it is trying to show music that is unison across all of the divisi staves at that point, but you’ve told Dorico to hide the staff from which the music actually comes. Due to some of the intricacies of how divisi unison music works, basically Dorico doesn’t always “know” the music is there if the staff from which it comes isn’t shown. This is a bug, of course, and we have plans to revamp the way divisi unison music works in a future version using some of the lessons we’ve learned from working on the condensing features, but that’s not likely to happen soon.

So in the meantime, either avoid hiding the staff that contains the “source” music, or move the divisi to the start of the system and manually copy and paste the unison music into those bars on the staff that will be shown.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thanks, Daniel, as always, for your complete response! Looking forward to seeing these changes implemented ASAP :wink: