Manual staff visibility - hiding individual staves in multi-staff instruments

Does changing manual staff visibility allow you to only show one staff in a piano or keyboard part in a conductor’s score or is this a limitation in Dorico? If so, are there any workarounds?

Why don’t you try it and see what happens?
(Oh look. It works!)

That’s bizarre; it’s not working in my score, which is why I created this thread… I’m not sure what I could be missing? There are no hidden items attached to these staves.

Of course, you are in page view - not galley?

Yup, and “Hide Empty Staves” is enabled with the “hide individual staves of multi-staff instruments” on.

Can you cut down your project to just the affected instruments and a few bars where you find you’re unable to hide just one staff of a grand staff instrument, and attach it here? There will be a reason why it’s not working as you expect, but I’m struggling to guess what it might be.

hide1.dorico (495.6 KB)
Try this.

Hi @Musicombo,

maybe you are confusing global/automatic changes with local/manual changes of the staff visibility. Here some pictures that try to explain the difference.
(Sorry if you already know this, maybe someone else could be interested…)

The situation before clicking ok.…:

Manual Staff Visibility Excerpt.dorico (2.7 MB)

Just to clarify: I thought Janus was referring to manual staff visibility changes, which is why I started this thread.

Oh! I’m not seeing my keyboard parts divided into (a) and (b) staves in the manual staff visibility dialog. Did I do something wrong with my project?

Hi @Musicombo thank you for the file. As I can see you didn’t do anything wrong:
I tried:
manual staff visibility in multi-staff.dorico (475.5 KB)

and indeed it seems that the multi-staff instruments are displayed as a single staff in the manual staff visibility dialogue if the player is holding more that one instrument (and Dorico doesn’t show the separation between a and b in the dialogue).
I would say that this Dorico behavior make sense if you have mixed one staff and multi-staff instrument for one specific player (in this case Dorico could not decide what to hide or show between the single staff and the a and b staves and considering the staves as a single unit makes sense)

But: you have all grand staff instruments in your keyboard players, so I don’t know why Dorico is not showing the separate staves of the multi-staff instruments. Or maybe can be an option for future implementations or I am also missing something @dspreadbury ?
[EDIT]: nevermind, I found this post that gives an answer :-):

Thank you so much!!!

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