Manual Tranlsation proper keyboard shortcuts

Hi there,
I use the Dorico online manual quite frequent. But the key shortcuts in german translation are shown for english keyboard layout.
For example changing the grid is written to be Alt + [ , but on german keyboard correctly it would be Alt + ü.
Would be nice, if someone would have look at all the key commands.
For now I always open an english keyboad map and compare.

Hello @Marcusbone, are you definitely using the most recent version of the manual? We did a fair bit of work during authoring and translation of the v3 manual to make sure all the key commands are automatically correct for the languages, and as far as I can see that is the case in the 3.5 manual for changing the rhythmic grid resolution.

When viewing the manual online, you can see the version number in the URL. Unfortunately it is still the case that online searches do fairly frequently bring up earlier versions - the manuals team is working on something to make it more obvious when you’ve landed on an older version.

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