Manual updates

This is a direct question for Steinberg.
I am one of those long time Cubase users that loves solving issues themselves, and the starting point on that particular journey would be to consult the manual (RTFM)!!!
I regularly peruse this forum in the hope that I pick up a process tip or trick, but I am always amazed by the number of “new members” asking pretty simple questions that would be easily solved by looking through the manual (RTFM)
Here comes the question for Steinberg.
With updates why is it that you dont appear to update the manuals at the same time as the software?
2 particular examples, firstly the new hitpoint detection. After the 10.20 update I looked up the manual for information regarding the new intensity slider…I’m still looking???
The same would appear to be the case with chord pad instructions. On this particular theme even the Steinberg produced Cubase videos of chord pad usage shows the old version, as per the manual but NOT the actual programe.
Does Steinberg thinks this lack of critical information is in any way beneficial to their new or existing paying customers???
I would be pretty sure that there are plenty more gaps in the manual that, if updated, would greatly help newcomers (and old hands) to Cubase.
Maybe a specific area in the forum to highlight manual information shortfalls if, like me, a user discovers an information/instruction anomaly. This would allow/encourage Steinberg to update the necessary information and would in turn directly help a lot of users methinks!!!

Anyone else got an opinion about this?

Jim B


Look in the brand new Nuendo 10 manual???

It would appear that Cubase Pro 10.20 users are “not worthy” of the effort!!!

Jim B