Manual voices aligning

I need an easier way to do manual voice tracks aligning in Cubase 6
(I do not want to use all those software that do it in one click, I do it carefully word by word)

Here is my not so convenient work flow for two voice tracks:

  1. Place one track above the other in the project window
  2. Find a miss-match, zoom in, place the grid on the “good” track
  3. In the “bad” track enter sample editor → AudioWarp and click Free Warp
  4. Zoom in and place a Warp Tab exactly where I placed the grid in step two
  5. Now that I have a warp tab in the right place on the “bad” track I can easily move things around to my please

Does Cubase have an option to look at two tracks while in sample editor?
Than I could create a much easier work flow…
Ideas would be appreciated

I don’t like the group edit option because - one, its basically cut and paste which means no going back after reloading Cubase, and two, warp is much more convenient.