Hi, it’s me again…

this is the 3rd time that I ask for a precise manual…

The one I’ve got is from DORICO 1.1 and therefore insufficient :frowning:

And again: I’m tired of searching all the video tutorials or the forum just for a special small problem that matches my individual needs (f.e. repeat endings: “1-3.”)!!

Yes, I’ve found it (Thnx to the other members of DORICO forum :wink: ) but it took a lot of time…

I must admit that the Dorico german manual mentioned above (besides a few lacking information - e.g. grace notes section) is quite ok, so where is the author??

And - distributing via PDF should not be an unsolvable problem for people who develop such a fine piece of software!!!


Peter (Pianopitt)
(formerly english and music teacher - rock and classical keyboardist)

Please search the forum, or at least read 15 thread titles down the page before starting yet another thread.