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Alguien me puede aclarar porqué hace años que los manuales de Dorico en español (castellano) se quedaron en la versión 1 mientras que se implementan otros idiomas…

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Google translate:

Can someone explain to me why the Dorico manuals in Spanish (Castilian) stayed in version 1 years ago while other languages are implemented…
Thank you

The answer is that a decision was made some years ago only to translate the Dorico manual into four languages: German, Japanese, French, and Italian. I’m sorry that there isn’t a Spanish manual for Dorico. There’s a chance that could change in the future, but there aren’t any plans for it at the moment.

(As this is primarily an English-speaking forum it’s really helpful to fellow users if you’re able to run you’re query through an online translation, so English readers can quickly get the gist of your question and evaluate whether they’re in a position to help you. Thanks!)

Dorico 5
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano y Japonés.
Español (1.0.0)
“580 million people speak Spanish in the world.”

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