Manually adding tracks in Noteperformer

This came up somewhere else, so I thought I’d mention it here.

One limitation of Noteperformer is that you can’t ‘manually’ add a track inside the VST; you can only modify the existing tracks that NP creates when you add an instrument. (You can delete the ‘slot’

Let’s say you have a piece with Sections Violins, but there’s a divisi passage for a Solo Violin. NP won’t create a new track for a divisi passage.

EITHER: you can go to Setup, and add a new Single Violin Player (which will cause NP to create a new track) ,and then delete it (which won’t affect the track in NP). You can then use Independent Voice Playback to set the solo violin to the new track.

OR: You can save and load presets of instrument tracks in NP. There are two places you can do this: either the little down arrow on the top right corner:


or the same down arrow here.


You can also see the name of the preset, and scroll between them.

NB: You must create a new, blank VST instance of NP, because loading a preset clears all the existing tracks, and you can’t get them back…!

Also, note that like most other VSTs, you can create A and B settings, and switch between them. Only one will play at any given time, but I dare say it has its uses.