Manually assign MIDI CC value

Is there a way to manually assign MIDI CC value by typing, not learning?
I’ve tried Note Expression, but it seems to be a bit buggy, as in it retains the previous CC value for the VST plugin.

You would create and save a Logical editor preset, then, in Key Commands set a keystroke to activate the preset.

Then, select the note where you want the CC to be, and hit the key command.

For example:

Thank you! So will this allow me to assign any CC value to any parameter in third party plugin? ie. CC#16 to Envelope Amount in Serum.
Also is there a way I can define the parameter range for which the CC# can operate in?

That’s more a function of the VST instrument.

How about any device similar to Expression Control for Ableton M4L? Please see attached.
It allows me to map an expression parameter to any control parameter in a 3rd party VST.
It also lets me set the minimum and maximum values so that no matter how far dynamic my MIDI CC goes, it will always stay in that range.

The range is what I am really going for.
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 4.28.24 PM.png

That sort of thing would probably be done in Cubase using the Input Transformer. Something like this:

btw, you refer to 3rd party VST, but it’s just midi in and midi out. In this case the the VST is receiving the output of the midi track. Look at it this way, and the stuff you learn will be applicable in more situations.

Understood. Just spent some time with it. Looks like I’ll have to dust some basic programming knowledge off.

Read the Logical Editor section in the manual. There’s a lot that you can do with it, but I’ll admit, there’s a bit of a learning curve. The benefit is worth it in my opinion :smiley:

Wondering about the same question with cubase pro 11 tried to define through the midi monitor until i found myself just disappointed from trying to make such a simple and important issue that can be done in few seconds on ABL without any knowledge or go through hundreds of pages at the user manual. Is there any other simple way to do it rather than this inconvenience method through the midi monitor ?

What is your question exactly?

Thank you for your answer.
I would like to define specific control range by value to any midi cc that i am using. Lets say i want to control my quick control num-1 and determine the range of min and max values just like the above picture from ABL

It doesn’t answer my question and in general i do read the whole post before asking again so your quote for your earlier answer has no relevant for what i have asked and i am using cubase pro 11 not 9 as written at post.

Please start a new topic then.