Manually Change Samplerate of UR824

To use WaveLabs DDP Player 1.5, I need to set my UR824 sample rate from 48 to 44.1 kHz. My UR windwows driver does not allow me to do this manually. Window has the sample rate greyed out and the drop-down deavtivated, so there is no way I can manually set my audio device. Why does Steinberg software not support Steinberg Hardware and vice-versa?

Hi Avviano,

perhaps this helps:

The reason for it being greyed out is, that the device is selected as “Standard Audio Device” in Windows. If you have any other audio device connected to the PC, select it as standard, then make the sample rate change for the UR, and then switch back to the UR as being the standard device.

LG, Juergi

Hi Juergi, great tip, thank you. I will give it a try!