Manually creating multi measure rests

When creating mulit measure rests, it seems that something went wrong here.

Is there a way to manually choose for all of these measures to clump together?

Best Laura

Not really. You need to look at what it is that’s breaking that multibar rest. Turn on signposts from the view menu - all of them - and see if there are any signposts at or near those barlines.

If there are and you’re not sure about what they mean, take another screenshot and post it here. With signposts visible we can probably help.

I have turned all signposts on, but nothing shows up unfortunately, and there is nothing in the score either.

Is it possible that the (single) bar rest between the two multibar rests has Force Duration turned on, or any properties set? If you select the single bar rest in Write mode and hit Delete on your keyboard, does that change anything?

It doesn’t have for duration on and nothing happens when I try to delete it. It doesn’t have any properties set to it either as far as I know.

In that case, please (save as a new file, then) cut the project down to just the affected area and post the cut down project here so we can fiddle with it.

Okay thank you, I will do it later today, since I don’t have time to do it now.