Manually editing "playbacktemplate deps doricolib" files


I would like to keep in line all my playing and playback techniques names. Doing so for each endpoint configuration making part of a complex orchestral playback template is not easy.

Much easier would be having all the “playbacktemplatedeps.doricolib” files of the endpoint configurations open in a text editor, and manually editing the names.

Can this be done without damaging anything in the playback template (and the endpoint configurations themselves)?


(PS: Sorry for the split name in the title, but the forum software doesn’t allow long names).

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I wouldn’t advise trying to edit these XML files manually. In particular, IDs will very likely be referenced in multiple places, and if you miss one reference, it will potentially break the whole thing. If you decide, against my advice, to try and do this, be sure to search for the precise string you are planning to change to identify all of the places it appears, and make the same change in all of those places. I would advise against using a global find and replace operation, too, and instead carefully examining each potential change before you make it.

Thank you Daniel. Good advices. Anything I will break will not be your fault.

Something I’m considering is to keep the XML files open, and use them to find inconsistencies. Then, I can edit the corresponding endpoint configurations in Dorico.