Manually Route an Instrument Track

I want to MANUALLY route an instrument track to a rack instrument. Is this possible?

  • WHY is this soooOOOooo hard?
  • WHY is this soooOOOooo confusing?
  • WHY does Steinberg try to do everything for me - and worse- prevent me from doing things manually?

I created my rack instrument first - and purposefully did not allow it to create the MIDI track, which is a dialog box prompt that appears when you make a new rack instrument.

Then…I created a new track - of type instrument. Then a dialog comes up

  • The dropdown where you can select what VST Instrument contains NO rack instruments - WHY???
  • The new instrument track has its input set to All MIDI - no problem
  • There IS a place in the track inspector (on the left) where the track output is shown, but you can not do anything with it. The newly created instrument track is set to no MIDI output, that is :: the MIDI input is routed to nothing - and you can’t change it - WHY?

How FRUSTRATING. Let me route whatever I want, to wherever I want.
Present ALL possible and valid options.

I get it, rack instruments support feeds from different MIDI channels - big whoop-dee-doo - I want to manually route a track instrument to ANY track/rack instruments I’ve already created in the F11 window which shows all of the track and rack instruments.

Churned in Columbus

No, only MIDI tracks can be routed to Rack Instruments.

I really need this functionality, and I will keep holding out hope!!