Manually widen last system

I have a score in landscape orientation consisting of four flows. The first flow consists of 16 bars, two others of 8 bars, and one of only four bars.

As the music consists mostly of whole notes each flow fits into one system, and hence onto one page. The 8 bar flows are justified, I had to set the justification threshold to 35%.

But the 4 bar system is much to narrow, especially compared to the surrounding 8 bar flows, where the measures have the same content, but are considerably wider due to the justification.

Justifying the 4 bars would look silly, but I’d like to make this system a little bit wider, maybe about half the page width.

How can I achieve this?

I can - in engrave mode - grab the handle of the final barline and move it, but this only moves the barline.

I guess there is an option to select all the handles and stretch the passage proportionally but I do not know what terms I should use for searching.

Change the Note Spacing to spread it more evenly across the systems, or to tighten the music into fewer systems?

Could you provide a screenshot of the page?

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If you grab the large handle at the bottom right corner then use Alt-Right arrow (with Ctrl or Cmd for larger distances) it’ll widen everything proportionally.


Thanks, I was sure I tried that, but probably not with the right tool selected…