Hello everyone I am new to all this, so I will be asking lots of questions. I have played guitar since I was 14 and piano at 8 I am 53 years old. I have been trying to record something for a little while now ( 6 mos) and it just doesnt sound right ,feel right etc,. I was using Cubase LE with a tascam US-122. I just picked up Cubase 4 and did the download thing. Along with the disc I got the two manuals Getting Started and the operation manual. I have began reading them faithfully. And was wondering if anyone had any advise to offer. Please I need all the help I can get .

Lots here to help you:

Best of luck :sunglasses:

It’s a big old subject so don’t expect to ‘get’ it all in one go. Best thing is just to have a go and not be afraid to make mistakes. When you get stuck have a good look around to find the answer: search here, the manuals, the web. If you’re still stuck just pipe up here. That’s what forums are for. It works best though if you’re specific about the problem.
Good luck.

If possible, I’d also get a subscription to sound on sound magazine. They have articles that cover theory and practice of home recording, from novice and up.

For a little more advanced, but not unmanageably so:

The hardest part may be staying focused on the prize (recording YOUR music) while wading through the muck of “computer stuff”.

Good luck! As mentioned above, posting here with questions is great too.

A few things have changed like the Sample Editor layout which rendered parts of the written manuals obsolete. Make sure you download the current .pdf’s for C4.

alexis recommended It’s all good, useful stuff, down to earth, readable and interesting. (If it was you who recommended this a few weeks ago alexis - thank you!) :sunglasses:

Sound on Sound = valuable resource. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ears = best resource of all and they’re free. :laughing:

My pleasure, of course, zebbie! It’s on my nightstand … good beside reading. Oh, oh … geek alert!

Freudian slip… :laughing: