Many audio takes .. how to choose? (Cubase 9 Artist)

Hi guys,

just wondering how to sort this issue:

While recording an audio track, I usually use Looping function, and play over and over until I’m satisfied with a take (mic.ed guitar).
At the end I have, say 20 takes (all ‘stacked’, as I’m recording on the same track) and want to go thru all 20 to see which one I like the best. To listen to each I need to delete one by one, so I can hear the previous take, (as I don’t know any better way to achieve this).

Can you please let me know how can I have all audio takes available for listening (without deleting :nerd: ).

Thanks in advance.


If those stacked bits are “Lanes”, you’re in clover, you don’t have to delete anything.

If you hover over one of the takes, I think if you right click you will see a symbol of a hand, that is called the Comp Tool. If you don’t find it that way, if you look in the manuel you’ll find it. (Once you get it you can assign it to a key command which is even cooler, like maybe ALT-C or something).

Then, if you use the Comp Tool to click on an earlier “take”, it will mute the later takes without deleting them. So it all works out great.

The Comp Tool can also help you save the best bits of each take and combine them into one virtual awesome take that no one will be the wiser that you didn’t sing, you’ll probably love that too!

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately there is no such option when hovering over the track.

The recordings on that particular channel do not appear in Lanes, rather like takes stack on top of each other (see photo).


If You already made a bunch of audio recordings that are on top of each other I would move each take to it’s own audio track to compare them.

Going forward though take a look at the op manual (and search google for Cubase +) for “lanes” and “track versions” to do this easier.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I can’t tell from your screen shots if you have enabled viewing Lanes or not.

Thank you, this is the answer, the purple button opens the lanes.

Thanks again.


Good. Now you can cut them up to comp different takes together. Use the Comp Tool (hand) to select different takes.