Many Bugs

  1. The cycle button doesn’t work. You engage it and it doesn’t cycle between your selected area.

  2. The cycle L/R markers don’t work properly. In some cases, you cannot even move the left marker to the beginning of the song. It will only move left to about bar 4 and that’s it. But hey, doesn’t matter…(see #1 above).

  3. Changing a setlist order doesn’t work. You are supposed to be able to save set lists and recall them. Creating a new setlist works, but picking and ordering the songs you want in the setlist doesn’t work.

  4. You can’t change the order of your tracks in the Track View (video, midi, audio, etc) once you add them you’re stuck with that view/order unless you delete and start over.

  5. Metronome count in doesn’t work (it’s supposed to give you a count in before the track is engaged.)

  6. Adding lyrics on the Lyric track is totally non-intuitive, cumbersome and a headache. I mean seriously, it’s a horrible design. No way to import lyrics to the lyric track?

  7. The song keeps running even after it ends. You have to manually stop it.

  8. You can’t tell each song to either stop at the end or continue on to the next track.

  9. Creating and editing a chord track is on par with lyrics track. Totally cumbersome and doesn’t show the whole song from the beginning.

  10. The accompanied app that you are supposed to push chords, lyrics and metronome to for each bandmate is unusable. The lyrics get out of sync and the visual metronome is totally out of sync from the get go. Nothing works with this app properly


Thank you for your reporting. Let’s see

  1. I can not reproduce it. Here are my steps
  • Start VL, Create a New Project
  • Select TRACKS Module
  • Cycle is already configured to 5.1 - 9.1
  • Enable Cycle in Transport
  • Start Transport
  • Cycle works
  • What am I missing?
  1. I can not reproduce it. More details, please.
  2. Yes, that one is missing It is already on our list
  3. Yes, it’s a bug. We’ll fix that soon
  4. It works when you start recording. No?
  5. What kind of lyrics do you want to import. Which type?
  6. It’s already requested and it’s on our list
  7. It’s already requested and it’s on our list
  8. You need a scrollbar, I see.
  9. Currently it only works with tempo 120. sorry. We’ll hurry in fixing it.

See you

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The Position of the cycle-Markers will not be saved. I set them manualy and then VST Live is cycling between the Markers as expected. I save the file. Load an other file and then load my previous file where I set the cycle-markers and there are not at the saved positions.

When I set the cycle markes and then save the project file and create a new project file - the markers in the new project File are at the same position as in the previous opend Project file.
It looks like the position of the cycle markers is set on file creation but cannot be saved.

You are right, sorry. Each Song has its own cycle markers and on/off state, but are not restored correctly yet when loading a project. Fixed next version scheduled very soon.


#1 - After update, my cycle markers now are working. Not sure why you couldn’t duplicate it on previous version.
#2 - The cycle marker got glitched and the white handles were on the OUTSIDE of the cycle instead of the inside, preventing me from bringing the marker all the way to the left. I had to delete the entire song and start over to get it to work properly.
#5 - Yes, count in works on recording. Just thought it was logical that you might want to have a count in on performance without recording.
#6 - Would be useful to either copy in lyrics and then arrange them to the desired timing. Or import a text file with the supplied lyrics. Also, it would be nice to be able to click and drag and resize start and end for the lyrics in the TRACK VIEW and the LYRICS VIEW.