Many C9.5 commands missing or hard to find in C10

In Cubase Pro 9.5 I created a couple of macros that are no longer working in CP10. I found that a long list of commands that were available in C9.5 under Proces Logical Preset became invisible to me. Indeed the whole category “Process Logical Preset” disappeared.
Where am I to look for them?



Probably a duplicate of this post?

No that is about the right+click context menu.

This is about changes made to the Key Commands.

For example I had keys setup to open Preferences and Key Commands both of which broke because they were moved from the File category to the Edit category. Hard to tell what else, if anything, got broken in a similar manner.

For the OP I think something else is going on since my items under Process Logical Presets are exactly the same in C9.5 & C10. I suspect that if you open the Logical Editor you’ll find all the Presets missing there too - if so then Key Commands would be accurately showing you what’s available, i.e. nothing. To fix this copy the presets file from the C9.5 folder to the C10 folder.

For anything else you think might have moved the best way to find it is to use the Search box in Key Commands which can get tedious… choose your search strings wisely.


I can see the “Process Logical Presets” folder on my system (Mac) in the KeyCommands window.

Many thanks to Rodger and Martin: you started me off into the right direction. I was not very fast to find it, but eventually I copied the Logical Edit folder within the Presets folder from C9.5 to C10. It was missing. So far so good.

good to hear