Many crashes and finally 'no valid License found'

Last few months I’ve had several crashes while I was working in Cubase 10.5 and the trial version of Cubase 11. Somethimes by using the 3rd party plugin (BFD3) but not always. Besides that, the Elicenser Control Center said 3 times in that period ‘no valid license found’.

First time I’ve uninstalled the last Windows 10 update and reinstall the Steinberg software as Steinberg adviced me to do. That was a very long during process! But after that I could open my Steinberg software again.

A few weeks later, when I still got the same problems (crashed, an empty ELicenser), I’ve updated Windows 10 and my software / drivers. Than it worked again. I didn’t know if this was the issue or that there was a general problem with the ELicenser which was solved in the mean time.

Cubase still crashed. I’ve downloaded the trial verion of Cubase 11 but that version isn’t stable too.
Today when I want to open a file in Cubase after working for about 30 minutes without crashing in another file which I closed before opening another one, the programm hangs so I have to restart my computer. And again, the software ELicenser Control Center says it is empty.

What can I do? What do I need to do? It kills my creative flow.

The ELicenser Control Center still doesn’t work so I can’t work further…

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I did some research and finally the tip ‘put your ELicenser in another UBS port’ works. My Steinberg software is visable and I can open it again. Now I hope it will work steady without crashes.