Many crashes when hitting F3 C7.0.7

This has started to happen to me very often. When I’m in a project and I hit F3 to bring up the mixer Cubase freezes everything (and I have to turn off the computer using the physical button or cutting off the power).

Cubase 7.0.7 has been rather stabil for a few months and now this? I haven’t installed anything new recently so I have no idea how to fix this problem.

I’m running Win 8.1.

Any ideas?

Yes. Buy the 7.5 update and cross your fingers.

That’s how Steinberg corp deals with bugs (with extra dollars/euros).

Yeah, I’m actually thinking about that, but it’s just… …you know. It’s not the right solution, really - is it?

Hi 2Bach

Have you contacted Steinberg support? Also you don’t describe you system so it difficult to make a suggestion

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Troubleshooting step #1[product]=296

Thank’s! I’ve never seen this before. I must be blind.

I must be a complete idiot. When I try to open Cubase in safe mode by holding shift+alt+control when opening Cubase 7 I only get a windows shortcut that opens preferences for the item I click (the shortcut to Cubase 7 or the cubase7.exe). Should I turn off the windows shortcut or how should I come around this? Or am I just doing it wrong (very likely).

…nevermind. I just found out how to do it.

The article says:
“- Hold down + + (Windows) or + + (Mac OS X) and start Cubase/Nuendo”

That doesn’t work. However clicking the icon and THEN pressing the three keys does.

Clever me.

Update your videocard drivers and make sure your Operating System is up to date.

It sounds like a videocard issue to me.

All drivers and everything is up to date. My computer has had a full reinstall a couple of days ago, Windows, Cubase, all my plugins. Everything has been reinstalled and all drivers, firmware and whatnot is updated to the newest versions.

I am running Cubase without crashes now (the last couple of hours, which is longer than usual). I switched off the preferences, and it seems to work. I also changed from M-Audio’s designated driver for the ProFire 610 to Asio4All, which runs much smoother. No lag at all on my midi recordings - a problem that always occurred when I used M-Audio’s drivers.