Many files to work on

I have maaaaany similar files to make the same procedure on each:

  1. Load to Wavelab
  2. Time stretch (to 65%)
  3. Change level (to 4)
  4. Save as…
    Do I have to do it manually on each and every file wasting my time and nerves?? Or is there a way to make it easier and “machanically”?

This is what the batch processor is for.

I’m totally new to the WaveLab, and audio processing generally, can anybody help me step by step and explain like to a baby :blush: how to use batch processor?
Huge thanx in advance

So, what do I have to do to make Batch Process available? After opening WaveLab7 I go to Tools, but Batch Process is gray, and I can’t run it…
After I open some audio file(s) in Wavelab, Batch Process remains gray, so that I still can’t open it :confused:

Look for “Batch Processor Workspace” in the documantation.