Many flows - scroll bug

I love Dorico, and wish I had more opportunities to use it!

My current project is a Project with many flows (200+). I’ve discovered there’s some kind of scroll bug around the 100th flow. Clicking on the 100th flow and it scrolls a little to the left, so that the 100th flow is lined up with the right-end of the scroll. Clicking on any flow over 100 and it scrolls out of sight (but stays selected).

In the video here:!As4fuAm2vT8bhpwzUKOBZCaeBA9E8A
it starts scrolling out of sight at around 20 seconds.

I guess this is a bug that might not be on your list? This is Dorico 3.1, newly upgraded. This is my first project with 100+ flows, so I have no idea if the problem exists in previous versions.


Yes, we do know about this problem, and it has been reported here before. Thanks for taking the time to report it.

Great, thanks. I obviously didn’t look hard enough for the previous post. Sorry!