many problems with cubase 7

Hello everyone
I have a lot of problems with cubase 7
When I try to update the plug-in information The cubase crashes (when i update the plugins it happens too)
And when I run the cubase 7 again
I get an error: “no iplib dll was found in the waterfall procedure”

cubase 7 have alot of problems with many plugins thath worked in cubase 6 (like Virtual bassist, halionse…)
Every time the cubase encounters a problem it just crashes

i update to cubase 7.0.1 version But that did not solve the problems
i try to re-install cubase but no changes.

Can anyone help me with this
Does anyone know a solution to this problem?


Try deleting your preference files from the Cubase Application Data Folder, and if you have anything you’d like to keep you can delete just the XML files relating to VST (3 in total).

You won’t get a solution to that in a forum.
Contact Steinberg support. Also google “Waterfall procedure”. Sounds to me like your computer or OS could have a serious malfunction.

Where can I find the preference file? In Which folder? I can not find it.
In Which folder i can find the xml files?


The Cubase Application Data Folder is accessible via the Start Menu in Windows.