Many problems with Cubase 7.

So far i have experienced this problems. I am sure there is many more, but this really make my day in studio really difficult.

  1. Latency BIG PROBLEM. I have 6.5 installed, and if i use this = no problems.

  2. MIDI problem. If i edit midi notes, example mark 3 notes and move then 15 msec back, and then press play, THEN some other notes will be deleted. This is really not good programming.

  3. When export to WAV or other file format, you can choose to update the display, with this new file in a new window for ex. pre. mastering. This never happens. This window never close, and new never open.

Think that if you buy a TV with all this fault in, ex. you cant change volume if looking at one special channel.
Or you cant change channel if you have volume between 54 to 68 %…
What if that brand was Samsung - Philips, do you readers think that other will buy that TV?

I am serious thinking about buy the new Pro Tools when this come.
But then i need to spend time to learn this program. But - if this works better, it is worth the extra time.
I have used Cubase since Atari time, so this will be painful.
To continue to work with Cubase is to use lots of time and irritation that could be used for positive production in studio.

@ Steinberg --> do you want to continue to have customers to use Cubase and Nuendo in studio work, and not just home studio, take your responsibility and don’t release a product until this have been tested as many times this take to assure this will actually work fine. For now, this is not working.
I have paid for a program, that i cant use - until there come a update that fix all this problems, and other…

Take some time to see what people have been saying on the forum, there are different things involved

I am not seeing that, and haven’t seen any posts listing that issue.

Did you wait until you were really fed up to post this? It worked. :wink:

Anyhoo, before you spend a bunch of money buying pro tools, you might run through the troubleshooting steps from the knowledgebase. Particularly section 2. Then see what problems are left over. Be sure to do the whole section, many users would do part of it and find their trouble not fixed. Mainly, Cubase will pick up prefs from C6 that mess things up.

Here’s that knowledgebase entry:[article]=224&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[]=&L=1&#2

Sure i can take some time to fix problems that really should be fixed before i buy this.
My time is worth nothing, this is what we all do. Spend time after time to fix problems with Cubase.

You say that Cubase will pick up from C& that mess things up…? What…
Do they also pick up things that really worked and mess that up. That is how this feel.

You also say, "Did you wait until you were really fed up to post this? It worked. "
Sure i do - as most ppl here i am putting up problems, and that does not make anyone happy or glad.

About my MIDI part problem, try this and let me know if this is only on my PC.
Mark 3-4 notes in MIDI Key Editor, and move then forw/back(your choice)
DO NOT click anywhere - press play to listen… On my PC some other notes is then deleted.
IF i click inside Key Editor somewhere, and then press play to listen, the notes is NOT deleted…
Really strange.
I have difficult to see if this problem is made by RAM-HD-MB-OS-GPU…

Cubase have always been to me like a fav. child. :slight_smile: But this continuing problems make my day really not as easy as i hoped for.
Really hope for a fix soon, for all problems, and i shut up - until next release… :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding latency, check if you are using correct driver in c7. Latency should be the same with c6.5, afaik.

Hi PaxGreger,

sorry for your troubles with C7.

I had a severe latency problem with C7 too on Saturday (I’m currently evaluating the C7 trial).
I made a copy of a C5.5.3 project (that was running well with very low latency) and opened it in C7.
Suddenly I had around 40ms latency (although the interface panel said it was 3.9ms). This was far to much to play any stuff from the midi-keaboard in to one VSTi)

I switched back between C5 and C7, reinstalled the interface driver and tried all kind of stuff to overcome the issue.
In the end I found that I had two instances of the Cubase own Multiband Compressor (one on the drums and one in the master). Removing them in C7 resolved the problem immediately.

I posted this on the (German) forum and I got confirmation that there had been a problem with the Multiband Compressor (that I did not encounter but other did) in C5 or C6 that would go away if latency was increased.
So they made a " quick fix" and froze some additional latency in to the compressor so now it works fine with C7 (that is what I understood and that is exactly how it manifests).

So please check all your effect inserts - this might resolve your latency problem.

Sorry I can not help you with your other problems (I’m not at my DAW right now).

I’m a Cubase user from Atari times and I have learned not to update the major versions till they are sowewhat debugged. Working with the trial version first also might help you save some money and frustration.



Thanks for write…
I have same latency (6,02 in - 5,4 out) when i look at properties settings for driver. And same driver as in 6.5. But for some strange reason there is a latency that is WAY more than 6…

I try to look into this the following weeks.

Thanks for your info…
Yes i have also notice that some plugins is making problems, also use of many Brickwall Limiter.
But i have a simple rule to come around this.
NO PLUGINS WHEN RECORDING - this make C7 work better. Not perfect, but little better.
I still use C6.5 to record in, and use C7 to mix and pre.master in.

I think i follow your example and NOT buy until all major problems is fixed in new updates.

Best regards to you - and all other users that have patience to use this.(as you properly notice, my irritation is staring to wear off. hehe. We all feel better when let out some steam. But i am not saying sorry…)